A New Zero Waste Clean Makeup Brand + A Mini Q&A With The Founder

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Green Beauty

In the world of zero waste makeup, I can only count the amount of brands I know with one hand. That’s why I am so excited to share FARADAY FACE a 100% zero waste, clean makeup brand based in San Francisco that just launched at the end of June this year!

Get ready for this – Rachel, the founder of Faraday Face, created a woman-owned makeup line that is vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic, non-GMO, palm oil-free, gluten-free, AND plastic-free, PLUS 5% of profits are donated to THE OCEAN CLEANUP. All ingredients are plant-based, naturally-derived, or from stable sources. Not to mention the packaging is gorgeous!

Faraday Face Zero Waste Makeup Eco Sustainable Beauty
Faraday Face Zero Waste Makeup Eco Sustainable Beauty
Okay, so now let’s talk about the packaging and why it’s zero waste: The cosmetics are compacted into thin aluminum pans, then fitted into paperboard palettes that are fastened closed with ribbon made of untreated Japanese linen (no magnets because those usually end up in landfills). Palettes and pans can be recycled, while the ribbon can actually be composted. For shipping the products are padded with recyclable undyed crinkle-cut material and the boxes are sealed with paper tape.
a mini Q+A with the founder, Rachel:

1. What sparked your interest in the zero waste movement? Did it happen over time, or was there an “aha” moment?

It was definitely an “aha” moment. I derive quite a bit of inspiration from other ethical brands participating in the zero waste movement, especially those with female founders. I attended a presentation on zero waste and ethical product lifecycle by Rachel Faller (Tonlé) in San Francisco last year, and it was a radical wake-up call to the potential for positive change in the beauty and fashion industries. 

Faraday Face Zero Waste Makeup Eco Sustainable Beauty

2. How did Faraday Face come to life, how did you get your idea or concept for the business?

Faraday Face was 100% the result of searching for zero waste, vegan, non-toxic cosmetics on the market, without success. I wanted products like mine as a customer, first.

3. What have you learned so far from starting a business in this industry?

I’ve learned so much, very quickly. I would say that there’s quite a bit of confusion in the green beauty industry about zero waste, and since the term isn’t regulated, it’s up to the customer to research each brand’s interpretation of the claim. This can be quite the burden on the customer, and (in this instance) more regulation to define zero waste and other claims related to ethical products and services generally would be helpful in reducing greenwashing, I think. 

4. What or who inspires/motivates you, not just for your business but also in your everyday life?

I get so much inspiration (visually and conceptually) from the online community on Instagram. It’s not all just pretty pictures (although there’s a time and place for eye candy!) but also a platform for education, tracking progress, and the respectful exchange of ideas.

5. Have you always seen yourself starting your own business and being an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been an idealist. As a child, I wanted to work for the United Nations as an aid worker or a diplomat, but entrepreneurship has also always appealed to me as a more direct yet future-focused way to make positive change a reality. It brings options directly to the customer and allows consumers to “vote” for the kind of world they want with their dollar.  

6. Ending with two fun questions! Can you share a favorite natural beauty tip?

A disciplined skincare regimen is my favorite natural beauty technique since it provides such a good foundation on which to build a natural beauty look. For me, good skincare is a lifestyle since it means staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and avoiding processed sugar and seed oils. 

Faraday Face Zero Waste Makeup Eco Sustainable Beauty
7. What is one cosmetic you can’t live without?
Good lip color, for sure. Nothing makes me look pulled together faster and with less effort than a flattering, assertive shade on my lips.
Faraday Face Zero Waste Makeup Eco Sustainable Beauty
I was graciously gifted the pressed setting powder – mattifies the face and keeps everything in place with a silky finish, the highlighter – a champagne color with a soft shimmer, and the cream lip color in valkyrie (my fav!) – a totally buildable lippie. TIP: use a lip brush for perfect application!