The Greener Girl aims to be a resource for those looking to live an earth-conscious life. If you’re interested in getting started, check out  ZERO WASTE SWAPS FOR COMMON SINGLE USE ITEMS or any of my brand directories. I believe living a healthy lifestyle along with an environmentally conscious lifestyle go hand in hand, and the two ideas are ever intertwining. It is our duty as humans to live a life as green as possible. Here you will find inspiration and education to live the healthiest life possible not just for yourself but also our home – planet earth.


My name is Marissa! By day I am a PHOTOGRAPHER, and by night a content creator for this space. When I am not creating or working I am playing with my two rescue dogs Sampson & Maya or training jiujitsu.

After learning about all the harsh chemicals found in our everyday products (makeup, cleaners, cookware, ect.) I started taking time to educate myself on safer options. This research lead me to learn more about the other problems our world is facing, from our waste issue, over consumption, our plastic crisis, animal conservation, and so on it became a snow ball effect. I knew I wanted to continue making better choices to do my small part in creating a healthy, sustainable future for our selves and our planet.

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Disclaimer: I am not 100% perfect. In fact, far from it. This is a process and I am constantly trying new ideas and educating myself to live the best life I can. If I share a product that was gifted or sponsored, I will note it as a disclaimer. Please know I only support brands I trust and believe in. I will not showcase any product or service I do not see value in. Sometimes I post affiliate links. They do not add any cost to you, this just means I might earn commission off of any purchases made. This extra income helps my website continue to run.