Ready for Spring with this Handcrafted Backpack Made Of An Ethical Leather Alternative

by | Mar 8, 2019 | Sustainable Fashion | 0 comments

This gorgeous backpack has Spring written all over it and I’m so ready for it! Eco Splendy kindly gifted me the floral print SILVER CORK BACKPACK. I was excited to try out a product made of cork, a material I feel is underrated and overlooked. It’s the perfect, sustainable solution for many wasteful and unethical materials like animal leather. This backpack is lightweight yet durable and comes with a zip closure, bag clasp, interior pockets, and an exterior zip pocket making it practical for everyday use. It has a charming texture with intricate floral elements. It’s truly a unique fashion accessory that pairs beautifully with a sundress!


Eco Splendy is a curated shop of handmade vegan cork accessories, from handbags to watches to jewelry. The company prides itself on sustainability, fair wages, and ethical practices. When you buy from their shop you are supporting master craftsman and handicraft makers in Portugal to continue their work while supporting their families. Their products are also affordable so everyone can enjoy earth-friendly fashionable items without breaking the bank.


Cork, a bark peeled from cork oak trees and dried out, has a remarkable resume of earth-friendly credentials. It’s used for a multitude of products like wine corks, bulletin boards, and coaster but it’s the perfect alternative to leather in the world of fashion. The material is 100% natural, water repellent, has antibacterial properties, and it’s stain and scratch resistant. Plus it doesn’t take heavy chemical processing to produce unlike leather. Cork is a renewable resource and 100% biodegradable. It is unique in its ability to regenerate itself. To ensure cork oak trees remain unharmed they are only harvested every 9-12 years to prevent stressing. A single tree can live up to 200 years and can be harvested over 16 times!

Eco Splendy saw undoubted potential in cork as an alternative to not only animal leather but also synthetic vegan leather. It’s their mission to make ethical shopping easy and affordable while offering fashionable items that are good for people, animals, and the planet!

zip closure

back zip pocket