Meet Sampson & Maya, two rescues who are living a more environmentally friendly life. Even our beloved pets can live the green life too! These are the items we use in our daily life to keep our dogs happy & healthy. They are eco-friendly in terms of waste, ingredients, and materials. I cover the everyday essentials including food, what we take on the go, play + chew time, and hygiene.


I like ceramic because I think they look better than STAINLESS STEEL, but stainless steel is great too!

Lupine Pet’s eco line has matching collars and harnesses too. Sampson wears the blue, Maya has purple!

The most durable bed! It has withstood so much without any noticeable damage. I highly recommend this one, it’s built to last.

No explanation needed, just some compostable poo bags.

FOOD – I am going to be making the switch to OPEN FARM, an ethically raised and sourced pet food company. Another good choice would be STELLA & CHEWY’S.

Making your own dog food in bulk via the crock pot is another great option if you have time for it. Food can be stored in the freezer if you make large quantities.


Another thing to keep in mind, borrowing items from a friend. For instance crates, cones, toys, puppy leashes and collars they grow out of, ect. You might have a friend who no longer needs those items, especially puppies considering they grow out of certain supplies quickly. You can also check out garage sales and resale stores. It’s a great way to reuse and save money by using hand me downs!


Made of 100% recycled materials with a waterproof lining. A smart solution for packing dog food.

Extremely convenient for going to the dog park, or anywhere really. I clip mine on a carabiner attached to my KLEAN KANTEEN. It’s dishwasher safe too!

When we travel I store treats in a simple mason jar, a STASHER BAG would work just as great too!

Not 100% necessary, but something that helps me remember the poo bags since this stays clipped to the leash. Otherwise I forget!


When buying toys for your dog, think about their durability. Although we have an aggressive chewer on our hands (Sampson), that’s not the only reason we purchase toys that are made to last. Toys that last, are much more friendly for the environment than burning through toy after toy on a regular basis. Not only that, but we make sure to purchase toys from retailers who make them out of safe, eco-friendly materials like these:

Maya’s personal fave! It’s super tough and glows in the dark! We also love the HOL-EE ROLLER.

Made of tough, durable materials – natural rubber and rice husk fibres.

Made in the USA from an eco-friendly, durable material called Zogoflex that is dishwasher safe and latex-free. West Paw also has a recycling program!

Combines squeaking, treat hiding, and floating all in one. It’s made of Ecolast a highly durable post-consumer recycled material.

Made in the USA and crafted from high quality ingredients. Perfect for dogs who love to chew!

Naturally sourced from shed antlers. Split bones are softer since they expose the marrow if you are worried about teeth breaking.

Safer than rawhide. The chews are made in the USA with the highest quality, human grade ingredients.


One bar is equivalent to over 20 fl oz of liquid shampoo. The bars come in 100% biodegradable unbleached kraft paper bags.

Super durable, stainless steel blades. If you have an extreme shedder this can reduce up to 90% of shedding.

Apply anywhere that your pet needs extra moisture and protection.  Use on dry elbows, noses, and paw pads to soothe and protect. This comes in an aluminum tin.


Sampson decked out in his eco Lupine Pet harness, collar, and leash at the dunes.

Normally this is Sampson’s bed, but Maya sneaks in the occasional nap.

Sampson in his natural habitat.

Quick drink on the go with the collapsable Beco travel bowl.

A little play time with the West Paw Zisc.

Can you spot the JW Pets chew toy?

On their best behavior because a Benebone is on the line.

Sharing is caring. Another shot of the Benebone in action.

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