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by | Jul 2, 2018 | Green Beauty

In the spirit of #plasticfreejuly I am kicking off the month with a comprehensive collection of sustainably packaged, zero waste cosmetics that are clean and cruelty-free for a greener makeup bag.

Please note, I do not know how all these brands ship their products, if I do I have noted it. I always like to put in the notes section when ordering, “Please refrain from shipping in plastic, or reuse shipping materials if possible. Thank you!” – or something like that, it never hurts to ask!

antonym cosmetics

Antonym Cosmetics is a mostly vegan makeup brand. Their compacts are made of sustainable bamboo. The paper is either recycled or FSC (sustainable forest) paper. They are cruelty-free by company pledge. All Antonym makeup products are certified by ECOCERT. The makeup is designed, developed and assembled in the US and manufactured in the EU (Italy, France, Czech Republic).  |  ANTONYM COSMETICS

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Āether Beauty is a woman owned zero waste and plastic-free makeup brand. The products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, palm-oil free, and all ingredients are sustainably sourced. The packaging is FSC certified (sustainable forest management) and 100% recyclable with removable eye shadow pans and an elastic that can be used as a hair tie! |  ĀETHER BEAUTY

au naturale

Au Naturale is a 100% vegan and gluten-free makeup brand. Most of  their creme-based makeup is packaged in aluminum. The company is approved cruelty-free and vegan by PETA.

Au Naturale is working towards social sustainability by calling on legislation to monitor the cosmetics industry and protect the health of consumers and the integrity of products. They are asking law makers to make cosmetics safe by creating a Clean Beauty Standard that will protect consumers. You can join the #CleanBeautyRevolution by signing their petition and spreading the word!  |  AU NATURALE

You can also find them at PETIT VOUR.

axiology beauty

Axiology is a vegan, palm oil-free lipstick brand. “Axiology’s products are proudly palm-oil free, and our company is a financial supporter of the Orangutan Foundation International (OFI).” Their lipstick boxes are sourced from Bali where the founder discovered a woman-owned recycled paper boutique. “The paper used in our boxes is collected from all over the island—from hotels, offices, and households—and is taken to a small factory. It’s then boiled down to a pulp, dried in the sun, and finally folded and decorated by hand.”  This helps trash reduction on their island which is a growing concern. The tubes are made from recycled aluminum. They can be recycled at the end of their life.  |  AXIOLOGY

Also avialable on amazon.

crunchi cosmetics

Crunchi is a 100% gluten-free makeup company with some vegan options. Their liquid foundations and primers come tightly sealed in eco-friendly, glass bottles. The blushes are packaged in paperboard designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce the risk of cosmetic contamination from packaging. (Please note their other products might not be packaged sustainably.)

The foundations are made with organic beeswax and therefore vegetarian. The primer and blushes mentioned are vegan. Crunchi is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. All products are made in the USA. Crunchi products are made with a combination of safe, certified-organic, and EcoCert ingredients – many products are made with more than 70% certified organic ingredients.  |  CRUNCHI COSMETICS

ecco bella

Ecco Bella is a 100% gluten-free makeup brand with mostly vegan options. They have a refill program for their face powder, bronzing powder, blush, powder eyeliner, eye shadow, and shimmer dust. The compacts are recyclable for when the time comes to discard of it. The cosmetics are packaged in magnetic pans. (Please note their other products might not be packaged sustainably.)

Ecco Bella is cruelty-free by company pledge and tests products on themselves. All products are made in the USA.  |  ECCO BELLA

Also available on amazon.

elate beauty

Elate is a 100% gluten-free and vegan Canadian brand. Their products are packaged in bamboo, and all of the compacts are made out of bamboo. Elate uses bamboo that comes from China, where they work closely with a green certified, fair trade manufacturer. All of the bamboo is water processed, not chemically treated. All pressed powder products come in seed paper, that can then be planted in your garden to sprout wildflowers or herbs.

Any plastic you may find for added protection is always re-used by the company and never purchased. If you are taking a plastic free challenge or have a plastic free lifestyle please let them know in the notes section at checkout and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Elate is certified by PETA, Leaping Bunny, and they signed the Just Beautiful Pledge.  |  ELATE BEAUTY

faraday face

Faraday Face, a BRAND NEW clean makeup company that just launched at the end of June 2018. They are 100% vegan, glute-free, and palm oil free among a list of other credentials. The cosmetics are compacted into thin aluminum pans. They are then fitted into paperboard palettes. The palettes are fastened closed with ribbon made of untreated Japanese linen. Palettes and pans can be recycled, while the ribbon can actually be composted. Faraday Face uses plastic-free, recyclable materials for packing and shipping. Products are padded with recyclable undyed crinkle-cut material and the boxes are sealed with paper tape. The company has also closely examined other materials that might be considered eco-friendly such as wood and magnets (that can be recycled but often end up in landfills) and explained why they chose not to use them. Learn more HERE. Faraday face also pledges to donate 5% of profits every day to THE OCEAN CLEANUP project.  |  FARADAY FACE

pure anada

Pure Anada is a 100% gluten-free makeup company with mostly vegan options. They have refills available for blush, bronzer, eye shadow, and sheer matte foundation. They have reusable magnetic compacts and the makeup comes in magnetic pans.

Pure Anada is certified cruelty-free by PETA. The makeup is handcrafted in the Canadian prairies. Fun fact, the floral graphics used throughout their branding are authentic, vintage, botanical drawings from the 1800s.  |  PURE ANADA

rms beauty

RMS Beauty’s packaging is minimal, and all of it is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable. Cosmetics are packaged in recyclable glass with an aluminum recyclable lid or packaged in recyclable aluminum.

RMS Beauty is cruelty-free by company pledge. We are 100% cruelty free. Rose-Marie is a huge animal activist and would never source ingredients from a facility where animals are harmed!” They are not vegan as they use ethically sourced beeswax.  |  RMS BEAUTY

Also available on amazon.


Sappho’s products are 100% vegan and many are packaged in glass bottles including their foundation, concealer, pomades, and they also have refillable compacts. The recyclable magnetic compacts are made of pressed paper. You can purchase magnetic pans for blushes, eye shadows, and pressed powders.  (Please note some of their other products might not be packaged sustainably.) Sappho uses of ECOCERT, COSMOS  ingredients.  |  SAPPHO NEW PARADIGM

vapour organic beauty

Vapour recently transitioned to glass packaging with many of their products! They also have other products packaged in aluminum. Vapour packages their products in Forest Stewardship Council certified paper stick, printed with vegetable ink. The USDA certified organic formulas are waterless thus eliminating the need for harsh preservatives.

The company is 100% gluten-free and certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny. All products are handcrafted in Taos were they use passive solar daylighting and wind power in their lab, office, and warehouse. Although the company is not vegan, they only use organic beeswax. Vapour is proud to support organic farming.  |  VAPOUR ORGANIC BEAUTY

Also available on amazon.

zao organic makeup

Zao Organic is a 100% vegan and gluten-free makeup brand. Thanks to a simple and innovative system, most of ZAO’S  products are refillable! All products are packaged in the highly renewable material – bamboo.

Certified cruelty-free by PETA and Leaping Bunny. Zao uses Eco Cert and Cosmos certified ingredients.  |  ZAO ORGANIC MAKEUP


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